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Send Money to Bangladesh as the country poised to be a top investment destination

HomeMoney TransferSend Money to Bangladesh as the country poised to be a top investment destination
Send Money to Bangladesh as the country poised to be a top investment destination

Policymakers and business leaders from Bangladesh has reiterated the country’s potential as a top investment destination after China and India. The necessary conditions for taking off the Bangladesh economy have been created, said Finance Minister AMA Muhith in his keynote speech at the fourth Bangladesh Investment Summit, Asia, held at Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Hong Kong.“Never before, Bangladesh was so well prepared to absorb talent, technology and investment from outside. Never before the country was so investment hungry as it is today.”

The inflow of foreign direct investment into Bangladesh rose 27.19 percent year-on-year to $1.45 billion in the July-February period, according to central bank data. “I can assure you that the environment for doing business will be even better in the coming days. We are open to you, to your ideas, innovations and enterprises.” Over the last six years, Bangladesh consistently recorded progress on various socio-economic indicators, including GDP growth, per capita income, food production, low inflation, job creation, social mobility and women’s empowerment, he said. Read More>>

“In today’s globalized world, the farsighted and wise are taking immediate advantage of opportunities for expanding their businesses. Such opportunities exist today for investors in Bangladesh. We want to turn Bangladesh into a middle-income country by 2021 for which foreign investment is a significant component.

We invite you to invest in Bangladesh, you can rest assured that you will have the full welcome and support of my government .”  
-- Sheikh Hasina 
Honourable Prime Minister, 

Bangladesh Investment & Policy Summit

Bangladesh is one of the countries in the world which is considered as a competitive investment location for foreign investors. The country’s economic growth and development strongly depends on private sector. Private sector plays a huge role in improving the living standards of people. The GDP contribution of overall investment is about 28-29% but private investment has been stagnant for past few years.

Different policies prevail for private sector investors but there are many gaps in policy comprehensiveness and implementation regarding policies for the private sector and investors. The turnaround of this static state of private investment trend will be a key challenge for realizing not only the growth target of the FY16 budget but also that of the 7th Five year Plan(FYP).

Bangladesh has progressed to a lower middle income status but Bangladesh needs a pragmatic and comprehensive policy framework for sustainable growth and development.. The Country adopted a two-prong approach – facilitation of Enabling Policies and Sustaining Investment. The Government has been implementing a number of policy reforms designed to promote a competitive climate for private investment and also creating a diverse range of investment opportunities. However, many of the policy developments and emerging investment opportunities are yet unknown or partially/ incompletely known to the investors that needs to be publicized and showcased widely. Targeted events such as conferences/ forums are effective platforms to disseminate reforms and showcase opportunities.

To support the government’s initiatives to enhance investment environment and attract investors, BUILD, Board of Investment and the Prime Minister’s Office have come together to jointly organize a forum for both private sector investors and the government to engage in dialogue and exchange latest policy developments, promote investment opportunities in Bangladesh and explore ways to make the business climate more business-friendly. Read More>>

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